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Urban Church Planter – Chad

The city of N'Djamena provides multiple opportunities for urban mission, including personal evangelism, discipleship, audio and literature evangelism.

Work with the WEC team, who are in partnership with the EET church, and encourage the national Christians from the south to also get involved in reaching their neighbours from other people groups.

Be an integral part of the life of the local WEC team, and aim to acquire a good level of Chadian Arabic.

Qualities & Gifts Sought

Mature Christian with good Biblical knowledge. Creative thinking to make natural contacts with city residents. A basic understanding and appreciation of folk Islamic belief and culture. A willingness to learn and adapt to a new culture. Fluency in either French or Arabic is required.

Our ref 1798

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About Chad

Chad has well over 100 distinct ethnic groups. We have many opportunities to serve people in Jesus' name, through urban outreach, teaching English, working with students, helping the poor, using the media and much more. We work with several unreached peoples including nomads.

There are so many unreached peoples here and, for the moment, a great freedom to work. The time is now!

[source: WEC International website]

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Position Type
Discipleship & Church Planting

Contract Type
Permanent i Ideal commitment is at least 2 years or longer

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