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Church Planters among Nalu or Susu peoples – Guinea-Bissau

Could you help plant a church for Christian believers amongst the Nalu and Susu peoples? Join a team living in their Tombali region, build relationships with local people, learn their language, pray, and introduce them to Jesus.

The Nalu people (about 20,000) live along the coastal lagoons of southern Guinea-Bissau and in Guinea. The men fish and grow cola nuts; the women grow rice. Historically, they have believed in a single god, known as Kanu, assisted by male and female spirits. The Nalu largely turned to Islam in the 1950s, but today follow a mixture of Islamic practices and traditional religious customs.

The Susu people (about 1.7 milllion) are primarily farmers, growing rice, grain, pineapples, mangoes and coconuts. Making palm oil, peanut oil and soap, and fishing and salt production are important enterprises. They are also well known for leather work, metal work and trading. The Susu people in Guinea-Bissau are predominantly Muslim. The New Testament is available in their language. However, there are only a handful of known Susu believers in this region.

Disciple a small number of believers and encourage them in evangelism.

Qualities & Gifts Sought

Speaker of English and Portuguese, willing to learn Portuguese Creole and Susu language. A passion to see churches established with their own vision for mission.

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Position Type
Translation & Literature
Discipleship & Church Planting

Contract Type
Permanent i Ideal commitment is at least 2 years or longer

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