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Lab Technician – Gambia

Join WEC's medical team as a lab technician, to provide practical training to local Gambian staff during the rainy season (June-December).

WEC's clinic provides primary health care services including antenatal, maternity, paediatric and adult medical care. There is a small ward and a specialist HIV clinic.

The lab provides a basic service including measuring Hb, malaria smears, sputum smears for TB, rapid diagnostic tests for HIV and RPR, urine albumin, and dipstick and gram stain of CSF. The lab takes blood for CD4 count, which is analysed elsewhere.

Teach our lab staff how to make up stains, do malaria smears and hone their other skills. Share the gospel with patients as appropriate. Ideal for those wanting a taste of mission for three months. Do you enjoy training others? Then we need you!

Qualities & Gifts Sought

Qualified and experienced lab technician able to work in an environment with fewer resources than in the West. Enjoy sharing your skills. Flexibility and a willingness to try new things are essential.

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About Medical ministry

WEC has been involved in medical work from its beginnings in the Congo, the Amazon and the Himalayas. Our members today run clinics and hospitals, offer expertise in fields like HIV-AIDS, ophthalmology, midwifery, dentistry, etc in several countries across Africa, Asia, and Central America.

One midwifery nurse writes: "Three mornings a week I work at a local hospital. Together with a local nurse we encourage women with newborn babies to breastfeed their infant. We have only a few minutes with each mother yet it is a great opportunity to share God’s love with these young women at a very special, precious and at the same time vulnerable moment of their lives."

About Gambia

The Gambia is a country in West Africa that is entirely surrounded by Senegal except for its coastline on the Atlantic Ocean at its western end. It is the smallest country on mainland Africa.

The Gambia is a very small and narrow country whose borders mirror the meandering Gambia River. The Gambia is less than 50 kilometres (31 miles) wide at its widest point. It is the smallest country on the African mainland. In comparative terms, The Gambia has a total area slightly less than that of the island of Jamaica. Banjul is the Gambian capital and the largest cities are Serekunda and Brikama.

Gambia has a tropical climate. A hot and rainy season normally lasts from June until November, but from then until May, cooler temperatures predominate

The Gambia has a market-based economy characterised by traditional subsistence agriculture. There is also a significant tourism industry.

A variety of ethnic groups live in the Gambia, each preserving its own language and traditions. The Mandinka ethnicity is the largest, followed by the Fula, Wolof, Jola/Karoninka, Serahule, Serers, Manjago, Bambara, Aku Marabou and others.  

The cuisine of the Gambia includes peanuts, rice, fish, meat, onions, tomatoes, cassava, chili peppers and oysters from the River Gambia that are harvested by women.

[Source Wikipedia. Read more about The Gambia here]  

There are 30 people groups in the Gambia and 16 are unreached groups.  

The Gambia has a population of just over 2 million. 84% of the Gambian peoples have little or no access to the hope of the gospel.  

The largest religion is Islam at 84.4%. 4.8% profess to be Christian and of those 0.7% are evangelical.

[source Joshua Project]

Please pray with us for:
-freedom and harmony between religious groups
-the evangelical church which is small
-the peoples yet to hear of the hope of the gospel: Mandinka, Fulani, Jola and Wolof
-young people
-Christian radio projects
-Bible translation
-development projects
[Operation World, 2010 print edition]

You can also use the Operation World and Prayercast online resources for prayer.

WEC in the Gambia

WEC co-operates with different government departments, non-governmental organisations and charitable organisations to support national development efforts and capacity building through its holistic ministries.


WEC has been registered with the government as an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the Gambia since 1966. We have established different social programmes in order to contribute to the development efforts of the government and other stakeholders.

We have projects in agriculture, medical work, education and youth, and literacy.

WEC is looking for committed believers who are willing to contribute to the development of The Gambia and support the local church in outreach, discipleship, training and mercy ministries.

We need people willing to:
-live a simple lifestyl
-serve others and respect people, regardless of their cultural or religious background  
-commit to life-long learning, because understanding people and establishing relationships – both in social projects and church life – takes tim
-commit to local language learning and cultural studies
-be willing to work in a multinational team
-be flexible and humble
-be financially self-supporting

We welcome Short Term Mission. It is best to stay at least six months, however, one to two years is more rewarding. So the longer you come, the better!

We need you!

Nicola has used her medical training to serve in Gambia for many years. Read her story.

Read more about our projects on the WEC Gambia website.


Position Type
Health & Medical
Engineering & Technical

Contract Type
3-12 months i Ideal commitment between 3 months and 1 year

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