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Missiology & Intercultural Studies Lecturer – Netherlands

Have you gained cross-cultural experience on the mission field the hard way? Come to Cornerstone, WEC's multicultural training college, to train future missionaries in the area of Missiology and Intercultural Studies, from a cross-cultural perspective.

Teach at the diploma level subjects such as Intercultural Communications, Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Missiology, Contemporary Theologies of Missions, etc.

You would live and work on our English-speaking college campus, and get involved in coaching and mentoring students who come from various cultural, church, educational and professional backgrounds.

Qualities & Gifts Sought

MA in Missiology or Intercultural Studies; teaching experience; cross-cultural mission experience preferred; commitment to train Christian missionaries; mature and proven Christian character.

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Position Type
Human Resources & Member Care
Education & Training

Contract Type
Short Term i Ideal commitment is less than 2 years

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