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Wooden Handicrafts Trainer – South Asia

Why not join a startup business in India, manufacturing quality painted wooden educational resources, produced for the Indian market by our trainee craftsmen, from locally sourced laminated plywood.

Our workshop is small but we would like to grow to employ at least four more local apprentices. Our workshop is situated in a local Muslim community.

Qualities & Gifts Sought

You might be an artist, a carpenter or turner; you may be young or experienced, but you have a heart for teaching young people useful skills and handicrafts, while sharing your love for the Lord Jesus.

You will need to be patient and adaptable, and appreciate that long-term relationships will be our main focus.

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About India

India is a country of 1.2 billion people with the 7th largest land mass size of any country in the world and has a large Christian population.

WEC is involved in ministry in a number of ways, including through Betel, WEC’s ministry to addicts.

In India Betel is known as Asha Bhawan. Asha Bhawan is not simply a rehabilitation centre; it is fundamentally about making disciples for Christ. Residents engage with a comprehensive discipleship program including daily devotionals, twice weekly whole church gatherings (many attended by members of the local community), small group study meetings and in-depth Bible study classes for longer term members. Praise, worship and the word of God sit centrally at the heart of our communities. Members of the community are also given increasing responsibilities, learning not only to be in control of themselves but also developing the skills to lead others along the path of restoration in Christ.

WEC is also involved in outreach in both Muslim and Hindu communities, and in training and equipping Indian Christians for world missions.

[source: WEC International website]


Position Type
Relief & Development
Practical & Maintenance

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Permanent i Ideal commitment is at least 2 years or longer

North India
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