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What’s so good about missionary training?


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We asked Jonathan and Heleen, WEC Cambodia Branch Leaders, about life, leadership, training, and why they do what they do. Watch their story.

WEC: What’s it like to live in Cambodia?

Jonathan: When I think of Siem Reap I see a beautiful city with very friendly people. At the same time, it is a city where Buddhism is the main belief-system, and where many people live in fear of spirits – it’s a place where hope is needed. Also, it’s a city where many people from around the world come to visit Angkor Wat.

Wec Cambodia Worship

A woman worships at one of the many temples in Cambodia.

WEC: What is your role?

Heleen: As branch leaders our vision is to reach unreached peoples. It’s easy to be overwhelmed in a country like Cambodia because of the many needs here. We believe that God called us into leadership to help our team members thrive in their ministry. We desire that every team member lives out of the overflow that God himself gives. We encourage the Cambodian members to walk in the specific path God has prepared for them.

God called us into leadership to help our team members thrive

WEC: What’s inspiring you right now?

Jonathan: I’m very excited to see God at work here. It’s exciting to see how God’s Church is rising up in Cambodia – currently, 2% of Cambodians believe in Christ. However, there are still many who are unreached and haven’t heard the Gospel. The task is not yet finished.

Heleen: As leaders we are privileged to see how God is going before the Cambodian branch, and to see what a difference prayer makes! We have seen God working in our teams: we see teams growing and stepping out in faith. It is a joy to walk alongside and encourage the teams. It’s a joy to see our members growing into their calling, walking in it, and bearing fruit.

We see teams growing and stepping out in faith
Jon With Cambodians Wec Cambodia

Fun with the local boat builders.

WEC: What’s so good about missionary training?

Jonathan: WEC’s Missionary Training College (MTC) helped me to have a good Biblical foundation, before I started my mission in Cambodia. The training helped me to embrace different cultures, and taught me how to share about Christ in ways appropriate to the context I am in.

My time in MTC was such a benefit because I learned to look beyond myself.

One of the greatest things about MTC was the missionary speakers who came every Monday to talk about their experiences. One of them came and spoke about unreached people groups in Cambodia.

MTC helped me to have a good Biblical foundation before I started my mission.

Heleen: MTC is very valuable and training is essential. I believe – like the disciples who were trained by Jesus for three years – we also should take time to prepare and to study the Word before we go.

Disciple Making Wec Cambodia

Jonathan talks with his friend Barnabus.

God is equipping us to become disciple-makers among Cambodian Christians

WEC: What’s next for the WEC Cambodia teams?

Jonathan: We believe that God has equipped us to become disciple-makers among Cambodian Christians, because of the great need of bringing believers to maturity in their faith. God is using us to go beyond our own abilities: we are making disciples by building relationships with Cambodians – we do this by spending time with them.

WEC: Why do you do what you do?

Heleen: We’re doing this role because we feel God called us to do it, and that’s the only reason why we are here in Cambodia. We see that God goes before us, and before our family.

WEC Cambodia projects include church planting, developing a mobile App as a discipleship tool, youth work, and business as mission. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss serving in Cambodia with WEC.

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