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Short term mission trips – reach the unreached together


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Team Treks take groups of up to ten people, led by experienced WEC workers. These short-term missions last between two and four weeks, and are a great option if you only have a short time to spare. Develop your skills through serving the poor, working with children, teaching English, hands-on practical jobs or using musical gifts in creative outreach. You will have the opportunity to learn from God and fellow team members. Be open to new experiences and be prepared to have your faith stretched!

Kate’s story

Kate was part of a recent shortterm Team Trek to southeast Asia. She reflects:

‘Probably the thing that struck me most vividly was how many of the people I was meeting had few or no opportunities to hear and discuss the gospel. Some of the people we were meeting simply had no idea who Jesus was. It brought home to me just what can happen when a country’s population has so few Christians: they simply can’t get round to tell everyone the good news.

The trek had a big impact on me. I came away able to pray much more meaningfully for Christians in this part of the world.

‘I had a far clearer idea of how to encourage and support people who were working with the church here. And God challenged me to consider whether the skills he had given me were being put to best use in the UK, or whether I could use them more effectively elsewhere in the world. The experience got me thinking about my long-term calling.’

Team Trek is part of WEC Short Term and has the Code of Best Practice in Short Term Mission for 2016.

Find out more about our Short Term ministry

WEC International’s Short Term Mission programme is geared to fuel your passion for God through hands-on mission. For a Solo Trek, we aim to match your gifts and time-frame for short-term cross-cultural mission. We will place you alongside an experienced missionary in any one of over 80 countries, where you can serve God, share the good news and grow in your faith. Or you might choose to join a Team Trek: a group of up to ten volunteers, sent to a strategic location for two or three weeks.

Alongside the short term missions, Trek has an internship programme, with placements tailored to your gifts and calling. Internships are based in the UK but may include study and time abroad, and can focus on a huge range of ministries. Resonance Arts also offers Short Term internships in music, drama and visual arts.

WEC Trek (UK) is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the code of best practice in Short Term Mission 2016. Read our FAQs here.

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