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'Every mouth will be silenced' (Romans 3:19)

I love that thought. A whole world's chatter dying away as Christ looks on. Some people are looking straight at him. Others are talking among themselves, and they get a poke from their neighbours, or they look up.

I don't think Christ looks on censoriously, the teacher about to give a telling off.

His look is just grace. See his kind face; see his scars and wounds. Undermining our arguments. Dismantling our complaints. Shining on our tarnished trophies. Grace, grace, grace.

I feel hot, awkward, unworthy as the silence falls and the gaze continues.

So do we all.

Photo: Anna Sastre

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Glenn Myers is a writer for WEC and is in the process of simplifying his life after three recent near-death experiences. He is author of numerous books including the Briefings series, two novels and the apologetic More than Bananas. He blogs at slowmission.com.

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