Frequently asked questions about WEC

  • What does WEC believe?

    We believe in God the Father, who created us and sustains us. We believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation. We believe in the Holy Spirit, who empowers us to serve God. We believe in one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    Our full statement of faith is here.

  • What does WEC do?

    WEC International takes the good news to the peoples and nations who have yet to hear it: the good news that Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins and peace with God, and to displace hatred with love.

    To achieve this, we work alongside local churches to:

    • evangelise, make disciples and start churches
    • translate scriptures and teach literacy
    • train leaders, run clinics and hospitals
    • rescue and rehabilitate addicts
    • care for children in crisis, work with young people
    • respond to people’s needs with compassion, wherever Christ sends us.

    All this frontline service is supported in the UK and overseas by people with many other skills: administrators; teachers for missionaries’ children; maintenance workers; writers and designers; IT professionals; and people who nurture our relationships with UK churches.

  • Where does WEC work?

    With over 1,800 workers in about 90 countries, WEC is truly an international mission agency.

    Mission is now from anywhere to everywhere. This creates possibilities for WEC UK to partner with people and organisations all over the world, crossing barriers of language and culture. Our focus of activity varies hugely, according to what we sense God wants to do in the local context. Our desire is to see people of all nations coming to faith in Jesus, gathered into communities of believers, and being discipled so they can disciple others.

    WEC is involved in serving communities in every corner of the globe, including in Asia, north Africa and the Middle East, but for security reasons we cannot identify some of these countries on this site.

  • Why work with WEC?

    WEC is an adventurous, faith-filled organisation. We believe God can and does work through us to reach the unreached and we believe he will do that through you, too. And whatever your gifts, wherever you feel called to serve, we have an opportunity to suit you. We can offer exciting, varied, stimulating placements, training tailored to your context (before and during your time in the field) and ongoing support for your work.

    ‘WEC has given me freedom to use the gifts God has given me.’ Paul
     ‘I looked at a few other mission agencies but WEC’s family atmosphere made me feel I belonged even before I joined.’ Laura
    ‘The orientation training was really valuable. It was fantastic to meet so many others who were going to serve as missionaries all over the world!’ Chris
  • How are WEC missionaries supported?

    WEC UK is a faith-based fellowship, made up of a network of committed volunteers, and does not pay salaries. Anyone wishing to join the fellowship should do so with a desire to join us in this faith venture, and come with, or be developing, a strong support base that will enable them to fulfil their calling and ministry.

  • What short-term opportunities do you have?

    WEC Trek, WEC International’s short-term mission programme, is geared to fuel your passion for God through hands-on mission. You can either join a short-term team or spend up to two years on placement alongside WEC workers. Trek's FAQs are here. Email us at trek@wec-uk.org if you want to get involved.

  • Have I got what it takes to be a missionary?

    If you’re considering mission work, there are a number of important questions you should think through:

    • How is your walk with God?
    • Why are you considering mission?
    • How are you serving God at the moment?
    • Are you developing a good support base?

    If you’d like to explore missionary work further, why not come on WEC’s mission taster weekend, Mission & Me?

  • How do I apply to WEC?

    Fill in our enquiry form and we will be in touch to walk you through the next steps. Your local WEC representative is ready to help you, too. Do also talk things through with your family, friends and church leaders as soon as you can.

  • How long does the application process take?

    Once you have filled in our application forms and provided references, you will be invited to an interview day and, if we agree it is right to proceed, a 10-week residential orientation course. The course is an opportunity for you get to know us and us you. It gives us the time to discern together whether WEC is where God is calling you to serve him. You will have the chance to learn more about WEC and explore what role you can play in reaching the unreached.

  • How else can I volunteer to work with WEC in the UK?

    Alongside short- and long-term workers WEC UK operates an Associate programme to facilitate engagement with our work in the UK which can be on either a full- or part-time basis.

  • What work can Associates be involved in?

    An Associate worker can engage with any aspect of WEC work. So, in addition to any ministry role there are also plenty of practical things you could get involved in such as property maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, catering, housework, driving or gardening, or you can use your gifting to help with graphic design, social media, IT support or administration.

  • How do I donate to WEC?

    You can donate to WEC at give.net or by cheque or by standing order. Click here for more information.