Pray with us

Prayer is absolutely vital to WEC’s ministry. You can join us in this essential work by becoming part of a WEC prayer group, using our prayer resources or attending a prayer event.

Prayer groups 

A WEC prayer group provides opportunities to pray regularly for WEC’s ministry and workers all over the world. WEC has 108 prayer groups in the UK and Ireland. If you’re interested in joining one, just contact your local WEC Rep. And you can find out more about what a WEC prayer group is like here.

Prayer resources

WEC has several resources to equip you to pray for WEC and the nations in an informed way:

  • WEC Pray is WEC’s monthly prayer email, full of material to inspire you and enable you to pray for the nations. To receive this email please subscribe here.
  • Operation World is the definitive prayer guide to every nation, giving in-depth info on every country on the planet. For anyone committed to praying for the nations, this is a goldmine. Pray for the World, a simplified version of Operation World, is ideal for younger people and those for whom English is a second language.
  • Wingspan offers inspiration and tools to help you and your church to grow a prayer lifestyle which is both enjoyable and effective in advancing Christ's kingdom.
  • WEC UK has a daily prayer feed on the App PrayerMate.

Prayer events

Come to a WEC Pray Day and be inspired with news of what God is doing in His world through WEC. There are regular Pray Days all over the UK. Contact your local WEC Rep to find out what’s happening near you.

Prayer Group Locations

1st Monday of the month (unless a Bank Holiday - then it is the 2nd Monday) at 7.30pm

Contact Lorna for more information

3rd Thursday of each month at 10.30am

Contact Bryan for more information

Phone: 01509 213447

4th Wednesday of each month at 10am to 12 noon

Contact Kip and Doreen for more information

Phone: 01594 840863

1st Friday every month at 7.45pm

Contact Jim & Nancy on 01282 814317

2nd Tuesday every month at 8pm

Contact Richard & Lenora on 01282 835400

1st Thursday every month at 2.30pm

Contact Jean on 01706 831022

3rd Friday every month at 7.30pm

Contact Cal on 01744 736338

2nd Monday every month at 7.45pm

Contact Stan and June on 0151 525 8920

1st Wednesday every month at 2pm

Contact Margaret on 01524 859409 for more information

We meet in Brian and Sandra's home (01524 422412)

1st Tuesday every month at 1.30pm

Contact Anne or Karen for more information on 01524 734797 and 01524 735759

4th Wednesday every month at 8pm

Contact Jamie and Debbie on 0161 292 6304

3rd Friday every month (please phone for the time)

Contact Paul on 01925 754257

2nd Thursday of the month at 10.30am in different homes 

Please contact us for this month's location

We love to pray for places like the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and the UK

Contact Caroline for more information on 01277 362189 or 0780675278

1st Monday each month at 3pm

We love to focus on the Middle East, Japan and the work of Betel

Contact Jackie for more information

1st Thursday of month at 10.30am

Contact Shelia for more information

Phone: 01483 728429

2nd Friday of the month at 2.30-4pm

We love to pray for countries like Chad and Senegal or for Asia and the Middle East

Contact Jill for more information

Phone: 01903 244371

Last Sunday of the month at 7-8pm

We love to pray for the work of WEC International, Asia Link, MAF, OM and OMF.

Contact Bob for more information

1st Tuesday of the month at 8pm

Contact Sam & Joan on 8555 7241

1st Wednesday of the month at 8pm

Contact Jean on 8772 3156

1st Thursday of the month at 2.30pm

Contact Doreen on 89521871 for more information

2nd Monday of the month at 8pm

Contact Tom and May on 8676 4428

2nd Friday of the month at 8pm

Contact Hugh on 8634 0362

2nd Monday of the month at 8pm

Contact Alan and Hazel on 3834 7034

3rd Monday of the month at 7.45pm

Contact May on 9066 9859

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