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Street music outreach in France


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WEC had a unique opportunity for outreach in June, at the ‘Fête de la Musique’ in northern France. Résonance France and musicians and a gospel choir from local churches were joined by a group of UK-based Resonance workers and music students from London School of Theology. Together, the team performed in a rich variety of musical styles to share a Christian message. The mission included a concert in a beachfront church in Houlgate, a BBQ event in Versailles and a street festival in Lisieux. The team’s varied music, worshipful attitude and high standard of playing prompted a good deal of interest. Members of local churches were able to give out several Bibles, and had a number of very encouraging conversations with seekers. One woman even became a Christian at the event in Versailles.

Team leader Mike Taylor is delighted with how the mission went: 'It was brilliant to be able to use a secular festival for Jesus. And the students on the team really caught the vision for this kind of evangelism. They’re already pestering me to go back for the Christmas Festival!’

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