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NEW! EPISODE 11. Part 2 of David and Sue’s adventures in mission in Northern Ghana.

David: “We had to be a living sermon. We had to live out the gospel and show the Konkomba what it means. And this is of course what Jesus did: he came, and he lived among us, and he walked the walk, and he talked the talk. He was the presence of God among the people, and I think that's what the Lord wants us to be. And particularly in a different culture, it is so important to understand the language, but not just the language, the culture too, and to live with the people, and do the things they do, alongside them.”

EPISODE 10. In this episode Dave and Sue go to Ghana, West Africa for 10 exciting years (1987-97) to work among the Konkomba tribe. Listen to how they were called to serve in Ghana, and what it was like to be there with a young family. Hear how Sue taught literacy for women, and David went with a co-worker to the tribal Chief, to ask for his permission to talk to the village about Jesus. David takes up the story:

“Our vision for sharing the Gospel was to start with Creation, and the Fall. And then go through the Bible introducing the story of God choosing a man, and then choosing Abraham, and then God choosing a tribe (very important for a tribal group to hear this: they understood all this), and then God choosing a people, and then eventually talking about God sending his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and sharing what he did, and how he came, and what he taught. We went back to the village week by week sharing the Gospel with them, and then at the very end asking the village whether they want to follow Jesus. In one village, 200 people stood up and said: ‘Yes! We have decided we would like to follow Jesus,’ and it was a wonderful thing."

EPISODE 9. In this episode, duo Wilf and Pat talk about church planting in the face of opposition, helping build the Burkina Faso universal alphabet, and unsuspected proposals …

EPISODE 8. In this episode, Jo discusses her call to cross-cultural ministry, and the part she played in building up the church. Our discussion also covers applying the Bible to cultures, and the provision of a fridge.

EPISODE 7. In this episode, Liz Cleak touches on the cultural differences of gender roles, and how prayer can witness to God’s power.

EPISODE 6. The Lord doesn't always choose the most likely people – so says Patrick McElligott in this week's episode all about his time serving God in Japan. Listen to hear about his surprising journey!
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Episode 5. In this episode, John Hamilton talks through the various challenges and joys of planting a church. Watch out for the lightening strike!

Episode 4. In this episode Margaret White (who served in DR Congo as a teacher) remembers some of the remarkable people she knew. These are humorous short stories of faith, joy, and amazing answers to prayer.

Episode 3. Ever heard someone say they were “called into overseas Christian ministry”? In this episode, Margaret White and Martha discuss, among other things, the role of prayer and our attitudes toward it, and the pace of life in different cultures. Margaret, a teacher, served in DR Congo, Africa from 1970-1996.

Episode 2. What does it look like to serve with WEC overseas? You can hear it first-hand. In this podcast, ’Til the Whole World Hears, Martha sits down with Maud Kells and chats with her about her experiences of making disciples of all nations as a midwife in DR Congo. Why not grab a cup of tea and join us? Even this episode is just a snapshot! Maud Kells’ story has been shared widely through interviews, and she has two books written about her experiences.
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An Open Door.
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Episode 1 - Tailer: What does church planting across the globe actually involve? ’Til the Whole World Hears is a podcast of short conversations with retired WEC missionaries where we hear the nitty-gritty of cross-cultural ministry and what it’s all about.

WEC longs to see a generation of disciple-makers set aside to cross into unreached areas. But so often, the task to take the gospel to the nations is a daunting one. We have lots of questions: questions about calling, questions about ability, questions about what it involves. Yet there are many Christians who’ve trodden that path to realise the dream of seeing the Gospel being shared with every nation, to every tribe and in every language. They all have stories to share but we rarely have time or opportunity to listen.

That’s why we’ve started ’Til the Whole World Hears. A podcast of succinct conversations with some of WEC’s retired missionaries: Christians who have given their lives to kingdom service to bring Jesus to places who’ve never heard of him. In each episode, you can hear a little more of what cross-cultural ministry looks like, from a unique perspective. Our short episodes are designed to complement busy lives: to be listened to at home, while travelling or during your daily exercise routine.

We want to be church where there is no church. But for that, we need every generation inspired to live for Christ, and to be informed about the great need to reach areas who have not been given the chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that this podcast, as well as being an entertaining account of missionaries’ stories, provides that opportunity to consider: is God calling me to follow in these footsteps?

Episodes cover themes such as: stories of answered prayer; cultural differences and the challenges they bring; how to discern God’s calling on your life; and advice and encouragement regarding Jesus’ call to make disciples of all nations. We hope and pray that you find these episodes inspiring and that they help to put arms and legs on the concepts of overseas disciple-making and church planting.

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