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20th Jan.   2 minute read

Adam Lowe is part of the team overseeing WEC UK’s short-term missions and internships. He tells us what spurs him on to do that and how a short-term mission can change a person’s life.

How and when did you become a Christian?

At a christian festival when I was 14 years old. A man I had never met prayed for me. He seemed to know so much about me and the struggles I was going through.  It was then I knew God was real and that I had just made the best decision of my life.

How did you become part of WEC?

I grew up attending WEC Teen camp, both as a camper and a leader. I met my wife on one of these camps.  After we got married we felt God clearly say to us that we should serve in WEC.

What does your role involve?

Each member of the WEC Trek team is responsible for building relationship with potential trekkers (short term workers) and guiding them through the process. This involves processing applications, raising awareness of WEC Trek and discipling trekkers before, during and after their time on the field.

We also run internships which can be for up to a year. This involves arranging placements to fit an intern’s gifts and skills and exposing those interns to WEC’s ministry.

Can you give us an example of how you’ve walked with someone through Trek recently?

One of the best parts of my job is journeying with Trekkers and seeing God do amazing things in their lives. Kadeem was certainly one of these people. Reading his story and his reasons for applying really spurred me on to get him a place on the South Africa trek. I was thrilled when he returned after having an amazing experience. Since then it has been a real privilege to watch him continue his journey into mission and to see how God is working in his life. He’s also become a good friend through that process.

What motivates you to do this?

The reason I do what I do is because I want to help short term workers and interns reach the unreached. My wife and I served in Gambia for six months, where we saw both the successes and struggles trekkers go through. It's great to be able to help them on that journey.

How do you combine missionary work with family life?

Being a husband and a father is a privilege and I make it a priority to minister to my family. Being a family does open new doors for sharing the gospel. We love opportunities to serve as a family and make the most of those times.

Find out more about our Short Term ministry

WEC International’s Short Term Mission programme is geared to fuel your passion for God through hands-on mission.

For a Solo Trek, we aim to match your gifts and time-frame for short-term cross-cultural mission. We will place you alongside an experienced missionary in any one of over 80 countries, where you can serve God, share the good news and grow in your faith.

Alongside Solo Trek, we encourage Church Teams. This is where you get to organise and run your own short term mission trip.

WEC Trek (UK) is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the code of best practice in Short Term Mission 2016. Read our FAQs here.

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