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My Life Change

16th May.   1 minute read

Meet Bethany, WEC UK’s youth mobiliser.

WEC: How or when did you become a Christian? 

Bethany: I grew up in a christian family and accepted the Lord as my own personal saviour at around age nine.

WEC: How did you become part of WEC? 

Bethany: I had just returned home to New Zealand after an amazing year at Capernwray Hall Bible School (near Lancaster) and was seeking the next step, when a retired WEC missionary at my church gave me a WEC magazine. This advertised different needs and positions in WEC. I went onto the website to have a better look, and found the job I'm currently in.

WEC: What does your role involve?

Bethany: The aim is to inspire, encourage, and equip students and young people in the UK for cross-cultural mission. This involves speaking at Christian Unions, attending youth events as a WEC representative, and meeting and connecting with amazing young people all over the UK. 

WEC: What's been your most surprising moment in mission so far? 

Bethany: It always surprises me when people tell me that something I've said (usually to a wide audience) has really impacted them or encouraged them. I have had that happen a few times in my short time in the UK. It just amazes me to know that God is using even the small, insignificant things in my life for his glory and purpose. I love how he works!

WEC: Who or what has most influenced you? 

Bethany: The writings of J.R.R. Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings) and C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia and other books) have had a huge influence on my thinking and on the way I perceive the world. Through their imagined worlds and stories I have been inspired and encouraged to live fully for God, and to admire the beauty that exists all over the world, both in the hidden places and on the mountaintops.

WEC: Do you have any hobbies? 

Bethany: I love playing music on my Irish tin whistle! I also enjoy playing and learning instruments in general – my latest project is the violin. Other than that, I have a particular love for ancient languages, medieval manuscripts and exploring new cultures.

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Alongside the short term missions, Trek has an internship programme, with placements tailored to your gifts and calling. Internships are based in the UK but may include study and time abroad, and can focus on a huge range of ministries. Resonance Arts also offers Short Term internships in music, drama and visual arts.

WEC Trek (UK) is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the code of best practice in Short Term Mission 2016. Read our FAQs here.

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