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Short Term Mission, Long Term Impact


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WEC International’s short-term mission programme is geared to fuel your passion for God through hands-on service. A mission like this can be life-changing. John and Suzanne tell us how a short-term mission changed them.

‘We took part in a short term WEC mission in France and Belgium. It was wonderful. We met some fascinating people who helped develop our awareness of cross-cultural issues. They also inspired us so much with their faith and commitment. We learnt a lot about being in a spiritual battle and the importance of prayer and fasting on a regular basis.

‘Of course, there were challenges, too. We were very struck by the depth of the needs we saw around us. And being slightly introverted, Suzanne found it difficult to be surrounded by people all the time. By halfway through the mission, she was desperate for some time alone!

We’re no longer afraid to share the gospel! We want heaven to invade Earth

‘The experience has definitely made a difference to our ministry at home. While we were away, we started asking what it might mean to be missionaries in our home town. We came to the conclusion that, for us, opening up our lives to people will mean opening our home. Since we got back, we've held a few events at home, inviting friends who don't go to church. Possibly as a result of us beginning to open our home, on two occasions we have had someone just turn up at the door, wanting to talk and pray.

‘We’re no longer afraid to share the gospel! We want heaven to invade Earth, and for this to happen in our own town. We're trying to widen our circle of non-Christian friends and John has joined a band, reconnecting with old friends from his late teens and early twenties. He lost touch with them years ago and has become a Christian since then, so they have some catching up to do!’

For John and Suzanne, a short-term mission was life-changing. Why not sign up for a life-changing experience of your own?

Find out more about our Short Term ministry

WEC International’s Short Term Mission programme is geared to fuel your passion for God through hands-on mission. For a Solo Trek, we aim to match your gifts and time-frame for short-term cross-cultural mission. We will place you alongside an experienced missionary in any one of over 80 countries, where you can serve God, share the good news and grow in your faith. Or you might choose to join a Team Trek: a group of up to ten volunteers, sent to a strategic location for two or three weeks.

Alongside the short term missions, Trek has an internship programme, with placements tailored to your gifts and calling. Internships are based in the UK but may include study and time abroad, and can focus on a huge range of ministries. Resonance Arts also offers Short Term internships in music, drama and visual arts.

WEC Trek (UK) is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the code of best practice in Short Term Mission 2016. Read our FAQs here.

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